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Poly Tarps
Camouflage Tarps
Industrial Strength Tarps
Boat Covers
Lawn Mower Covers
Car Covers
Truck Covers
Motorcycle Covers
ATV Covers
Barbeque Covers
Tractor Covers
Moving Blankets
Apparel Covers
Tarp Strap and Accessories

Paper Cutter

Lawn & Garden
Office Supplies

Company Profile

At Marque International, Inc., we pride ourselves in being experts in global sourcing, product innovation, original equipment manufacturing (OEM), importing, and distribution. Our team of professionals at Marque International, Inc. brings a combined experience of over 20 years in international business. We are committed to helping our customers in North America improve their product quality through innovation; ultimately increasing profitability and reducing cost through utilizing established, long-term relationships with top manufacturers and suppliers.

Who is MARQUE International?
  • Management
    We believe efficient management skills are the keys to success in all facets of business.

  • Ability
    We expand our knowledge continuously to increase our abilities in order to maintain standards of excellence in our industry.

  • Reputation
    We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • Quality
    We strive to supply the best quality products and services to uphold our philosophy of excellence.

  • Unity
    We believe that unified teamwork promotes positive attitudes that allow us to achieve our goals.

  • Enthusiasm
    We are enthusiastic about our business, because we genuinely believe in and love what we do.

  • International
    We recognize that the economy is a global marketplace, making international trading the wave of the future and a necessary business venture.

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