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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) Service

Are you thinking outsourcing your parts or products to China? Do you currently outsource, but are not getting exactly what you need?

The ultimate goal of any business, big or small, is to cut operational cost to the minimum and increase the profit margins to the maximum. But there are different ways and strategies to get there -- and OEM is one of them.

Here are some apparent reasons why you should take advantage of the opportunities OEM may provide:
  • It has been an industrial trend. OEM should be on the radar of any businesses who are seeking growth and expansion.

  • Big companies are big players and the trend setters. The most successful and convincing example is Wal-Mart, the number one company in the world. According to a Newsweek survey, out of its 6000 suppliers, 80 percent are from China . No wonder they can provide it's customers with affordable merchandises while maintaining their leading edge.

  • It's highly possible that your competitors are doing it or planning to do it. Some of our customers came to us because they were losing their market shares because of higher operation costs and higher sales prices.

  • If the above assumption is false, it's even better. Why? The early bird gets the worms.

  • Can we stress the importance of cutting costs enough? Of course not. Let's spill the secrets out, we've helped our clients save up to 50 percent of their original production costs. No wonder they are smiling.

  • Of course, you are concerned about the quality of OEM products. Did you know that Boeing has their airplane engine production outsourced to a Shanghai company in China . Your products, even if they're much simpler, can have the same level of quality.

Trust us to provide all of your OEM needs. Once you become part of our successful business venture, you no longer need us to list all the benefits you get.
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