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Our History

One of the most beautiful things in life is to possess and pursue dreams. This company is just another example of a dream coming true.

Our corporate founder, CEO, and President, Mr. Howard Wu, majored in international trade at his university. After graduating, he worked for five years in the importing and exporting business. He then came to the U.S.A. to seek his own American dream. Mr. Wu completed graduate school with honorable business degrees and proceeded to work for Fortune 500 companies as a marketing specialist, national sales representative, and international buyer. From there, Mr. Wu continued to gain expertise in both Asian and North American business practices. Hereafter, he decided to apply his knowledge into the initiation of his own company.

Marque International, Inc. began as a home-based import, wholesale, and distribution business in Naperville, Illinois in 2004. Since then, it has continued to expand year after year. The company now owns its own corporate offices as well as distribution centers. Whether it is the innovation of a single product, whole product lines, or the development of brand-new products, Marque International, Inc. is among the market leaders in the industry.

Our company now specializes in global sourcing, product innovation, OEM, importing, and distribution. We commit to providing the best quality products for our customers. Our current products are selling throughout the United States.

Whatever dreams you may possess as a potential or current customer, Marque International, Inc. is prepared to fulfill those ambitions alongside you. A rewarding journey begins with us today!
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