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Chinese Business Culture Workshop

Here at Marque International, Inc., a primary area of our expertise is Chinese business culture. Within our team of employees, there are many members who were born and educated in China, with extensive experience in performing business dealings within the country. We can assist you and your associates in attaining a stronger sense of Chinese business culture before you enter into corporate negotiations with Chinese companies.

Doing business in the United States can be quite different from doing business in China. In order to leave a positive impression on your potential business partners, you want to avoid awkward situations that stem from a lack of cultural understanding.

Marque International, Inc. provides a comprehensive workshop that provides you with all the knowledge you need to conduct business in China successfully.

Some of the Topics that we Cover are:

  • Forming Positive Impressions

  • Evolvement of Chinese Business Practices

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Relationship-building Communication

  • Effective Negotiation Skills

  • Appropriate Gift-giving and Receiving Methods

  • Meal Etiquette

Who Must Attend This Workshop?
  • CEOs, Presidents, and Executives

  • International buyers and sourcing managers

  • Anyone seeking opportunities to develop business in China

Our workshop is very practical and hands-on, so you can apply what the knowledge you acquire directly into your next business trip to China. We guarantee that the time you invest in our workshop will be rewarded through your successful business dealings.

"A better understanding of people and cultural differences will build stronger relationships."

------- Anonymous

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